The CCO Certification Process

A core proficiency of the Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Programme is the candidate’s ability to perform professional security reviews.

In order to qualify for the programme, a candidate needs:

  • A minimum of three years security experience.
  • To have performed five or more security surveys, audits or inspections in either the public or private sector.

The CCO Certification Process

Candidates wishing to attain CCO Certification must satisfy the programme’s standards by:

  1. Providing documentary evidence of their education, training, related experience and skill in performing security surveys, audits and inspections.
  2. Successfully passing an examination that covers:
  • Putting the spy world in perspective (20%)
  • The personal side of business espionage (17%)
  • Pretext attacks (10%)
  • Computer abuse (15%)
  • Technical surveillance (18%)
  • Undercover attacks (10%)
  • Planning controls and countermeasures programmes (10%)

As part of the programme, candidates are provided with the study guide “101 Questions and Answers About Business Espionage” to help prepare for this exam.

Applying for the CCO Certification Programme

Candidates wishing to apply need to complete and submit the CCO Programme Application for consideration.

BECCA UK will provide candidates with further information on the CCO Programme upon successful application.

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