The Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Programme

The BECCA Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Programme is a professional certification programme that provides validation of your training and experience in the security field.

The CCO is based on rigorous industry standards. To satisfy these standards, candidates are required to provide documentary evidence of their education, related experience and skill in performing security surveys, audits and inspections.

The CCO designation is awarded to those who successfully complete these requirements and pass an examination that covers:

  • Putting the risks in perspective
  • The personal side of business espionage
  • Pretext attacks
  • Computer abuse
  • Technical surveillance
  • Undercover attacks
  • Planning controls and countermeasures programmes

Read more about the CCO certification process.

CCO certification is proof to clients and employers of a professional’s commitment to reaching and maintaining the highest standards in the security field.

Apply for the CCO Programme or Contact us for more details.

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