Why was BECCA created?

BECCA was created to provide professional recognition for the management function of business espionage controls and countermeasures.

Who should become BECCA Members?

Anyone with responsibility for managing the safety of critical business secrets and preventing theft of intellectual property should consider BECCA membership.

Am I eligible for BECCA Membership?

BECCA membership is open to anyone concerned with, or holding responsibility for the protection of sensitive information, trade secrets, and other intellectual assets in both the public and private sectors.

All potential members  must complete and submit the BECCA membership application.

Why don’t you charge membership fees?

BECCA is a privately funded, independent, non-profit association.

Instead of charging membership fees we ask for an exchange of information with our members to help contribute towards research papers, training materials, field resources and assistance with other projects. This information helps us to reach our goal of identifying and preventing business espionage.

BECCA reserves the right to remove non-contributing members from the Membership Roster and place them in the “inactive” file. So it is important that members inform us of any change of contact details; and we ask that members contact us at least once a year to verify their membership status.

BECCA UK is administered by QCC Interscan, a London-based professional TSCM company.

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