US and Russia swap spies

In a plot that reads more and more like a John LeCarre novel, it emerged this morning that there are negotiations taking place over whether to swap the 10 alledged Russian spies arrested in America last week.

the US state department arrested 10 individuals in New York state, all suspected of infiltrating US policy-making bodies on behalf of the Kremlin.An 11th suspect fled to Europe and absconded in Cyprus.

The plan now is to swap these  ‘deep cover’ moles with Americans arrested by The FSK (the successor organization to the KGB) over the last decade.

Michael Farbiarz, the assistant US attorney announced that he had almost a decade’s worth of video and audio surveillance records of meetings between Russian government officials and some of the alleged New York conspirators. They communicated via WiFi and traditional radio frequency transmitters for years and are also alleged to have encoded encrypted data into photographs which were then posted onto websites. This is like a modern version of the old ‘coded messages in newspapers’ that became a staple of cheap spy stories.


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