BECCA Membership

Far too many businesses find that they are ill equipped to prevent outside sources from stealing valuable intellectual property. Enlisting the help of BECCA members is their best line of defense for help in protecting their information assets.

Seeking assistance from certified BECCA members also indicates to stakeholders the seriousness with which the organisation is treating the safety of business critical information.

BECCA Members

man with earpieceBECCA members are concerned with safeguarding valuable business information and preventing theft of intellectual property.

They understand that any business can fall victim to information theft and are experts in countering instances of espionage.

BECCA members work in both the public and private sector and include:

  • Counter espionage and security experts
  • Information security and technical countermeasures managers
  • Business executives
  • Management consultants
  • Information, technical and physical security specialists
  • Military and other defence personnel
  • Legal professionals
  • Investigators
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Others concerned with business espionage issues.

The Benefits of BECCA Membership

BECCA membership is proof of expertise in the management function of protecting valuable business information.

Businesses who fear they are at risk from espionage call on BECCA members for help in defending their confidential information and intellectual assets.

Eligibility for BECCA Membership

BECCA membership is open to anyone concerned with, or holding responsibility for the protection of sensitive information, trade secrets, and other intellectual assets in both the public and private sectors.

BECCA membership is FREE to qualified applicants.

To find out if you qualify please complete and submit the BECCA Membership Application.

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