Suggested reading for BECCA members and those interested in countering business espionage.

M: MI5’s First Spymaster

A very detailed biography of ‘M’ MI5’s first spymaster.

MI6 and the Machinery of Spying (Studies in Intelligence)

Philip Davies of Brunel University examines the nuts and bolts of the British intelligence service in detail, showing how the day to day decisions were reached. Focusing on the 20th Century, Davies provides an articulate and riveting account of the service’s growth and changes through the first, second and cold wars and the subsequent frantic reorganisation brought about by the fall of the Eastern Bloc.

Surveillance Countermeasures: A Serious Guide to Detecting, Evading and Eluding Threats to Personal Privacy

A great basic introduction to counter surveillance at home and in the office.

The Modern Bodyguard: Complete Manual of Close Protection Training

This is an update of a classic title written by a highly knowledgeable bodyguard.

101 Questions & Answers About Business Espionage

This book is used to prepare US Department of Defence (DOD) personnel and others for the Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) examination.

The Bodyguard’s Bible: The Definitive Guide to Close Protection

Covers the technical and physical aspects of the close protection role.

Global Intelligence: The World’s Secret Services Today (Global Issues)

A good all-round summary of the current state of international intelligence gathering. Whether you work for the state or private sectors, understanding the wider picture is key to keeping abreast of developments in the world of information security.

Defense of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5

Author Christopher Andrew presents a comprehensive and thoroughly readable history of MI5.


Spycatcher was a major sensation when first published. Peter Wright was former assistant director of MI5 and published this book in a hail of controversy.

The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security

Author Kevin Mitnick looks at security’s weakest link, human nature. This book goes to the heart of why businesses find it so hard to keep secrets and suggests mitigating actions to close down some of the ‘open doors to our security’ he describes.

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