The Business Espionage Controls and Countermeasures Association (BECCA) began in in the USA in 1986 as an informal network of controls and countermeasures experts brought together by William M. Johnson.

BECCA was incorporated on 22 June 1990 as the Business Espionage Controls and Countermeasures Association (BECCA), a non-profit organisation based in Washington State, USA. Find out more about BECCA in the USA.

BECCA now has branches in six european countries.


BECCA UK was established in April, 2009. Jason Dibley of QCC Interscan is the BECCA Administrator for the United Kingdom.


“The purpose of the association is to research and exchange information about business espionage controls and countermeasures; to establish and encourage a code of ethics within the profession, and to promote our professional image within the business community through a Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) program. It is organized exclusively for, and will be operated for scientific, literary and educational purposes.”

BECCA Articles of Incorporation, Article III, 1990

BECCA Members

BECCA members are professionals experienced in managing the function of protecting the security of critical business secrets and preventing theft of intellectual property. They work in both the public and private sector and include:

  • business managers
  • counter espionage and security experts
  • information security managers
  • technical countermeasures managers
  • management consultants
  • information, technical and physical security specialists
  • military and other defence personnel
  • legal professionals
  • investigators
  • law enforcement officials
  • other professional concerned with business espionage issues.

To find out more about BECCA membership visit our membership section.

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